BodyBuilder, Traveler, Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Bryan Szweda is a passionate fitness enthusiast, traveler, and natural bodybuilder.

Bryan Szweda Bodybuilding

Health and Fitness

A few years back, Bryan Szweda made the decision that it was time to make some changes in his life. He wanted to look and feel better to improve his life for himself and for his family. In January 2013, Bryan began the Spring Life Time 90-Day Challenge. Working with trainers and experts to develop a personal diet and exercise plan, Bryan almost instantly began to see great results just by changing a few of his old habits. 

After eliminating processed and refined sugars from his diet, began to feel more energized and strong throughout his professional career and workout schedule. During his workout routines, Bryan learned to work in a combination of both aerobic and resistance training to get the most out of his exercise. Bryan Szweda completed the 90-Day fitness challenge with great success and has since been motivated to keep pushing and challenging himself. Bryan also enjoys sharing workout goals with his family and working out with his son. Committing to a healthy diet and exercise has led to great improvements in his everyday life on a physical, mental, and emotional level.


Upon completing the Life Time 90-Day Fitness Challenge, Bryan Szweda wanted to keep improving his health and fitness. Continuing his training, Bryan signed up for his first natural bodybuilding competition. The fitness challenge left Bryan with a lot of useful knowledge for maximizing fat loss in a way that is both health and highly effective. With his diet and exercise routine in place, along with support and motivation from his friends, family, and trainers, Bryan Szewda went on to win his first bodybuilding competition.


Every once in a while, Bryan Szweda likes to travel with his family to get away from the everyday stresses of work and life. While he still maintains the major aspects of his healthy diet and workout routine, Bryan still likes to get out there and have fun. Some of the travel destinations Bryan and his family have visited recently include San Diego, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. Bryan Szweda loves coastal areas and being around the water. Hanging out at the beach or exploring tropical areas are some of his favorite pastimes.